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The Curious Corner Chair Through the Regency

In actual fact, this unique form of chair, which originated in England in the early eighteenth century, had any number of names, usually suggesting a possible use, for nearly a century before the Regency began. Though they had mostly fallen … Continue reading

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A Vision of Britain Through Time Web Site

Recently, I happened upon a web site which I suspect many Regency authors will find both useful and convenient, particularly when researching places or locations in Britain. It is called A Vision of Britain Through Time, and is the work … Continue reading

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Reading & Writing Accessories by Ian Spellerberg

There was a time when the ability to read and write was not widely held. And many of those who enjoyed those skills acquired various implements to aid their activities. Some of those specialized implements were beautifully made and richly … Continue reading

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The Bruntons:   A Theatrical Family

Most aficionados of the Regency are familiar with at least some of the leading actors and actresses of that era, but they were only the major stars. However, a play could not be put on with only the stars. There … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Naughty Nappy Hits the Press

In the autumn of 1815, the news had reached Europe that the British Royal Navy ship, HMS Northumberland, had dropped anchor in the harbor of the island of St. Helena, on 15 October 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte and his small retinue … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   First Printing of Beowulf

How many of us read the epic Old English poem, Beowulf (in translation, of course), when we were in high school or college? If, like me, you found it rather slow going, you now have yet another reason to wish … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Mount Tambora Erupts

Two hundred years ago, today, began the single most violent and explosive volcanic eruption ever to occur on this planet in recorded history. Though this volcano erupted halfway around the world from Great Britain, and few there were aware of … Continue reading

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