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Liquid Magic:   Lavender Water Through the Regency

Last month, I posted an article here about rose water, which, like orange flower water, was a popular ingredient in a plethora of concoctions created through the centuries, including during the Regency. Another popular, and even more ancient flower water, … Continue reading

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Comfits — Regency Tic-Tacs ®

Not only did a great many people regularly brush their teeth during the years of the Regency, they were also concerned about bad breath when socializing with others. For that reason, many people carried small sweets about with them. In … Continue reading

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No bon-bons for Prinny!

And no strawberries dipped in chocolate, no truffles, no chocolate-covered cherries, no turtles, not even a plain chocolate bar. No chocolate for Prinny! Poor Prinny! Had he been bad? Well, yes, he often was, but that is not why he … Continue reading

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