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Aspects of Food and Food Service

Hollandaise Sauce in the Regency

Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite breakfast dishes of all time. Sadly, Regency characters cannot enjoy that delicious dish, since it was not invented until the 1860s, in New York City. Or can they? As far as I am … Continue reading

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Some Pudding Cloth Lore

Puddings, in their wonderfully various forms, were a uniquely English culinary invention, as was the cloth in which they eventually came to be cooked. In particular, by the Regency, most families enjoyed a Christmas pudding during their holiday meal, and … Continue reading

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That "Wicked and Pernicious Weed"

For such was one of the common condemnations of hops in early sixteenth century England. The hop plant was also considered to be an "unwholesome weed that promoted melancholy." Yet, within the next three centuries, not only were hops no … Continue reading

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Gooseberry Clubs in Regency Britain

Gooseberry clubs, or societies, were first formed in England in the mid-eighteenth century, but they reached their peak of popularity during the Regency, along with the national craze for gooseberries. Yet few people today are aware of that craze, or … Continue reading

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Syllabub:   The Head Wins

It has been so terribly hot and humid here in Boston for the past few weeks that I have found myself longing for things that are cool and creamy, even for the topic of a blog article. And so, I … Continue reading

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Hock Before Victoria

Hock was a term used for a selection of high-quality white wines available in England during the Regency. These wines came from Germany and had been known and enjoyed by an exclusive number wine connoisseurs in Britain for well over … Continue reading

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Special Brews of Scotland:   Groaning Malts and Maturity Ales

The brewing of beers and ales in both England and Scotland is believed to have stemmed from a single, ancient source with roots which run deep into prehistoric times. In fact, fermented beverages are considered to be man’s very first … Continue reading

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