The Lighthouse Girls:   An Army of Two

"Once upon a time, two young women saved their town from an attack by the British Navy."   Sounds like the first line of a fairy tale, doesn’t it? But in fact, this event actually took place, and during the Regency, as it happens. Once I learned of the incredible, but true, exploits of these two young ladies, it occurred to me that any or all of the facts related to the event might provide inspiration for a Regency author writing a story set along any coastal area during our favorite period.

How two clever and brave young women used the power of sound to save their town . . .

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Screw Medallions for Ladies

Really?!   Do get your mind out of the gutter!   Though these lovely little objects do have their secrets, they are not at all what you think they are! And once you know more about them, you may well want one of your very own. Sadly, they are quite scarce and very rare today, thus making them almost impossible to find. However, Dear Regency Authors, in the pages of an upcoming Regency romance, you can provide any of your fictional characters with one or more of these charming medallions. Of course, if you insist, they can be given quite a naughty purpose, instead of a purely patriotic one.

Screw medallions in the Regency . . .

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Regency Bicentennial:   Britain Acquires the Elgin Marbles

Two hundred years ago today, an order was issued, by the authority of the British Parliament, to procure a warrant from the Prince Regent for the payment of £35,000. This sum was to be paid to Lord Elgin, for the ancient marble sculptures he had acquired in Greece decades before. After numerous debates and hours of testimony by experts before a select committee appointed by the House of Commons, Parliament voted to purchase Elgin’s collection of classical marble sculptures for the nation.

How Lord Elgin’s marbles became the property of Britain . . .

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Embroidery Patterns in the Regency

Regency ladies planning a new embroidery project could not just pop down to the local stitchery shop to select a printed pattern which suited their purposes, like many needlewomen are able to do today. Certainly, there was no such thing as an iron-on embroidery pattern available anywhere during our favorite period. But that does not mean that those ladies who lacked the skill to draw were left without options for their embroidery projects in the days of the Prince Regent.

Patterns for embroidery during the Regency . . .

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Regency Bicentennial:   Horror at Villa Diodati

"It was a dark and stormy night . . . "   Is that not the quintessential opening line of a horror story? But in this case, it had been a dark and stormy summer, for two hundred years ago, it was the "Year Without a Summer." The constant and often violent storms had kept some of the most creative minds in English literature at the time confined indoors in a villa near the shores of Lake Geneva. Naturally, such ingenious individuals would not be content with a few hands of cards or other dull amusements. Instead, they hit upon the idea of writing horror stories and their efforts would result in the development of two of the most terrifying characters in all of classic horror.

The accouchement of monsters at the Villa Diodati . . .

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The Salts of Epsom

My grandmother swore by Epsom salts for lots of things, particularly as a remedy for what ails a person, inside or out. I still have a box on my shelf, and use them from time to time, just as Grandma taught me. Yet it was not until recently that I linked the name of this universal remedy with a place by the same name in England. And research has shown that those so-called "salts" did indeed come from the market and racing town of that same name.

The origin and uses of Epsom salts through the Regency . . .

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A Vision of Britain Through Time Web Site

Recently, I happened upon a web site which I suspect many Regency authors will find both useful and convenient, particularly when researching places or locations in Britain. It is called A Vision of Britain Through Time, and is the work of a large group of scholars who specialize in a wide range of subject areas with regard to the history of the British Isles. The materials available at this site cover a period of two centuries, which includes the decade of the Regency. According to the home page of the web site, it is "A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001. Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions."

What I like best about A Vision of Britain Through Time . . .

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