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Regency Bicentennial:   Naughty Nappy Hits the Press

In the autumn of 1815, the news had reached Europe that the British Royal Navy ship, HMS Northumberland, had dropped anchor in the harbor of the island of St. Helena, on 15 October 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte and his small retinue … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Byron’s Drury Lane Déjà Vu

In the summer of 1814, there were a plethora of festivities held in London in celebration of what was believed to be the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte and the return of peace to Europe. One of those celebrations was … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Waterloo Stuff

Today, one might find important current events memorialized on a T-shirt, a mug, a poster or a mouse pad. Though none of those items existed two centuries ago, there were still plenty of objects that could be pressed into service … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Edinburgh Scoops London

This article is yet another in my ongoing series on panoramas. Several of those articles were devoted to the first panorama in London, Robert Barker’s purpose-built rotunda in Leicester Square. Barker learned early on that the public would flock to … Continue reading

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Berlin Iron Work

Many of you may be aware that ornamental iron work was a prominent feature of fashionable architecture in Regency Britain. But similar architectural iron work in the Prussian capital is not the subject of this article. The iron work to … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The First Builder’s Merchant

Prior to 1815, builders in England could not go down to the local builder’s supply house to order the materials they would need for their next project. Each builder, and/or the client who had commissioned the building, would have to … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   "An Ass of the Eighteenth Century"

Two hundred years ago, Jemmy, who called himself "An Ass of the Eighteenth Century" made his debut in the children’s book, The Adventures of a Donkey. Jemmy’s "autobiography" predated that of Black Beauty by more than sixty years. In fact, … Continue reading

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