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Regency Bicentennial:   Bonaparte Escapes Elba

Two hundred years ago, yesterday, Napoleon Bonaparte, reduced from Emperor of the French to the Emperor of Elba, left his tiny island kingdom. He set sail for the south coast of France with over a thousand men under his personal … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The Pointless Loss of Ned Pakenham

Two hundred years ago, yesterday, what was to be the last major battle of the War of 1812 ended with the deaths of nearly three hundred British troops, two of them generals. One of those generals, Major-General Edward Pakenham, was … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial: Byron Is Leg-Shackled

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the wedding of Miss Anna Isabella Milbanke and George Gordon, Lord Byron. Sadly, though we can still mark this anniversary today, the participants themselves did not even celebrate their first anniversary. The couple had … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The Last Days of the "Woman Clothed With the Sun"

Two hundred years ago, this month, a woman who had claimed she would give birth to the second Messiah a few weeks before was said to be lying in a trance. Before the end of the month, she would be … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   "Flowering" in Ayrshire

Though it was certainly not his intention, by abdicating the throne of France in April of 1814, Naploeon Bonaparte set in train a series of events which would make it possible for thousands of women in southwestern Scotland to earn … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Sir John Lade Liberated

Though the exact date is unknown, it was two centuries ago, in 1814, that the infamous and notorious Sir John Lade was released from debtor’s prison, where he had spent several months. Though he had been heir to an enormous … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The Great Porter Flood

Two hundred years ago today, a freak accident occurred which sent a flood of beer into the poor London neighborhood of St. Giles. This was not just any beer. It was porter, at the time, the beer which was most … Continue reading

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