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Long Before The Six Napoleons

Those of you who enjoy the Sherlock Holmes mysteries may well be familiar with The Adventure of the Six Napoleons, a story about a half-dozen plaster busts of Bonaparte, set in late Victorian London. But Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was … Continue reading

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Before the Box Spring:   Mattresses in the Regency

There have been mattresses on this planet for nearly as long as there have been humans living anywhere on it. In fact, the mattress maybe the oldest furniture form made by humans. Certainly, by the Regency, mattresses had come a … Continue reading

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Of Knife-Cases and Knife-Boxes

Despite their name, by the turn of the nineteenth century, these cases and boxes often held more than just knives. Those which had been made in the early Georgian period were free and unfettered, so they could be easily moved … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The Duchess of Richmond’s Ball

This coming Monday will be the two-hundredth anniversary of perhaps the most famous social event in history, the ball hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Richmond in Brussels on the same day news came of the French army’s advance … Continue reading

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Portraits Floating in Glass:   Crystal Cameos

Though we most often associate cameos with jewelry, a special type of cameo which became popular during the Regency was to be found primarily on very fine glassware. Such pieces were very expensive and were typically to be seen only … Continue reading

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When the Lilies Were Cut Off the Bees

In 1804, when Napoleon Bonaparte was plotting to promote himself from First Consul of the French to Emperor of France and all its conquered territories, he created a "Council Commission" which would have the responsibility of planning all of the … Continue reading

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Quill-Work or Quilling?

This delicate craft had been known for more than five hundred years when it became popular once again in the late eighteenth century. A popularlity which continued right through the Regency, especially among gently-bred ladies of the upper and middle … Continue reading

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