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Lady Drury’s Closet

Lady Drury’s "closet" was indeed a small room, but unlike the closets we know today, it was not used for storing clothing or any other unneeded objects out of sight. Instead, it was a place for this noble and learned … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The Wedding of Charlotte & Leopold

This coming Monday marks the two-hundredth anniversary of the wedding of Princess Charlotte of Wales to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg. Though there had been many obstacles in their path to wedded bliss, the young couple had persevered and finally made … Continue reading

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The Advent of the English Chiffonier

There were pieces of furniture in France known as chiffonnières decades before the Regency began, and there are still European and American pieces known by the term "chiffonier" today. However, the English chiffonier, which originated in the early nineteenth century, … Continue reading

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Before the Camera:   Bird Prints

People have always been fascinated by birds, for these creatures, unlike humans, were not earth-bound. They had the power of flight, to soar freely through the air at will, unimpeded by any obstacle. In addition, many of them sported beautiful … Continue reading

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Cushions in the Regency

Ubiquitous furnishings in nearly every Regency home, to be sure. There were also many cushions to be found in the majority of churches across Britain at this time. Nevertheless, a cushion, whether of a humble or an elegant design, used … Continue reading

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Long Before The Six Napoleons

Those of you who enjoy the Sherlock Holmes mysteries may well be familiar with The Adventure of the Six Napoleons, a story about a half-dozen plaster busts of Bonaparte, set in late Victorian London. But Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was … Continue reading

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Before the Box Spring:   Mattresses in the Regency

There have been mattresses on this planet for nearly as long as there have been humans living anywhere on it. In fact, the mattress maybe the oldest furniture form made by humans. Certainly, by the Regency, mattresses had come a … Continue reading

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