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Of Vinaigrettes: Necessities or Toys?

Even before the Regency began, these redolent objects were carried by a great many ladies, and even a few gentlemen. Fortunately, by the beginning of our favorite decade, they had become much smaller than had been necessary in previous centuries. … Continue reading

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The Naked Duel

This is one of those tales which falls into the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction category. Though, in the end, there is some suggestion that this duel did not come off, and it happened almost five years before the Regency began, it really did … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The Burlington Arcade Opens

This coming Wednesday marks the bicentennial of the opening of the Burlington Arcade, in the Mayfair section of London. Though it opened in the last full year of the Regency, this elegant shopping area was popular from the outset. Its … Continue reading

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The Hairbrush Through the Regency

Archaeological evidence suggests that the hairbrush has existed in one form or another since early pre-historic times. Today, one can find dozens of them, in all shapes, styles and colors, on racks at any number of stores and shops, in … Continue reading

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The Curious Corner Chair Through the Regency

In actual fact, this unique form of chair, which originated in England in the early eighteenth century, had any number of names, usually suggesting a possible use, for nearly a century before the Regency began. Though they had mostly fallen … Continue reading

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Pancras (Capper) Street, London

Though it only runs a few blocks to the northeast, from Tottenham Court Road to Huntley Street, the history of Capper Street runs back more than three centuries. There have been many changes along this street, so much so that … Continue reading

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The Regency Way of Death:   Funeral Mutes

During the Regency, as had been the case for over two centuries, most upscale funerals were comprised of a number of attendants, including "mutes." Like the majority of funeral attendants at this time, these mutes were provided by the undertaker … Continue reading

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