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Curious Tales which Defy Categorization

Regency Bicentennial:   An Arm & A Leg — Part One

The arm belonged to Lord Fitzroy Somerset and the leg belonged to Henry Paget, Earl of Uxbridge. Both were lost at the Battle of Waterloo. The arm’s loss is believed to have resulted in a new sleeve design while the … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Dust Jacket

Or, as it is more usually known in the United Kingdom, the dust wrapper. Once purely utilitarian, these charming bits of publishing ephemera are now a crucial part of the package for most hard-cover books which are to be found … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Mount Tambora Erupts

Two hundred years ago, today, began the single most violent and explosive volcanic eruption ever to occur on this planet in recorded history. Though this volcano erupted halfway around the world from Great Britain, and few there were aware of … Continue reading

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The Return of Corporal Violet

To mark the release of the print edition of my debut Regency romance, Deflowering Daisy, I want to expand on the details of one of the flower history snippets which appears in the story. This particular snippet involved the hero’s … Continue reading

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The Holy Herb:   Tobacco as Medicine

Though no one but a botanical scholar or historian would credit it today, tobacco was first imported from the New World to the Old World as a medicinal plant. It was still held to have those properties for certain uses … Continue reading

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Before the Call Number:   The Pressmark

Scholars working in libraries during the Regency would not have been able to locate the books they were seeking using a card catalog or a call number, since neither had been invented at that time. However, as the number of … Continue reading

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1814:   The Year in Review

The year 1814 was one of the most eventful of the Regency period. There was great rejoicing when it was believed the war with Napoleon was over, while Princess Charlotte won her own small battle with her father. There were … Continue reading

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