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Aspects of Regency Furniture and Furnishings

Hall and Entranceway Lanterns

As winter approaches and the days grow shorter, it seems an appropriate time to discuss an important lighting fixture in most upper- and middle-class Regency homes, the lantern which illuminated the main entrance hall to the house. Though such lanterns … Continue reading

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Ackermann’s Repository:   Patterns of British Manufacture

One of the most popular publications intended for ladies of the upper classes during the Regency was familiarly known as Ackermann’s Repository. Those who have perused copies of this publication today may have noted that some of the issues include … Continue reading

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The Curious Corner Chair Through the Regency

In actual fact, this unique form of chair, which originated in England in the early eighteenth century, had any number of names, usually suggesting a possible use, for nearly a century before the Regency began. Though they had mostly fallen … Continue reading

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Lady Drury’s Closet

Lady Drury’s "closet" was indeed a small room, but unlike the closets we know today, it was not used for storing clothing or any other unneeded objects out of sight. Instead, it was a place for this noble and learned … Continue reading

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The Advent of the English Chiffonier

There were pieces of furniture in France known as chiffonnières decades before the Regency began, and there are still European and American pieces known by the term "chiffonier" today. However, the English chiffonier, which originated in the early nineteenth century, … Continue reading

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Cushions in the Regency

Ubiquitous furnishings in nearly every Regency home, to be sure. There were also many cushions to be found in the majority of churches across Britain at this time. Nevertheless, a cushion, whether of a humble or an elegant design, used … Continue reading

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Of Knife-Cases and Knife-Boxes

Despite their name, by the turn of the nineteenth century, these cases and boxes often held more than just knives. Those which had been made in the early Georgian period were free and unfettered, so they could be easily moved … Continue reading

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