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Before Silver Paper Was Silver

      ". . . . . . Harriet unfolded the parcel, . . . Within abundance of silver paper was a pretty little Tunbridge-ware box, which Harriet opened: it was well lined with the softest cotton; but, excepting the cotton, … Continue reading

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Some Secrets of Glass Rolling Pins

From the last decades of the eighteenth century, right though the Regency, a vast number of decorative rolling pins were made in Britain. They were all made of glass and most were produced in the many glass works located in … Continue reading

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Regency Chocolate:   The Correct Accoutrements

Last week, I wrote about how drinking chocolate was made during the Regency and the ingredients used to make it. This week, I will tell you about the various specialized implements and other accoutrements which were invented for the making … Continue reading

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Regency Chocolate:   Pale – Thick – Frothy

One of the first articles I ever posted here was about one of my pet peeves, the regular appearance of what is known as sweet or eating chocolate in Regency novels. That would have been completely impossible, as chocolate in … Continue reading

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No bon-bons for Prinny!

And no strawberries dipped in chocolate, no truffles, no chocolate-covered cherries, no turtles, not even a plain chocolate bar. No chocolate for Prinny! Poor Prinny! Had he been bad? Well, yes, he often was, but that is not why he … Continue reading

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