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A "Timely" Tool for Regency Authors

Moonlight can be an important aspect of a romantic scene in a Regency novel. Moonlight was also critical during the Regency for night-time travel in the countryside. Few people would have ventured out on a journey of any length on … Continue reading

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The Odyssey of the Giants of St. Dunstan’s Church

Strikers of a church clock bell, magnet for pick-pockets and the childhood obsession of the son of the Regent’s mistress, these enormous figures have seen much in their nearly three and a half centuries. After a century’s displacement, adorning the … Continue reading

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Robert Barker’s Leicester Square Panorama:   The Regency Schedule

Last week, we took a walk through Robert Barker’s purpose-built panorama rotunda in Leicester Square, examining the technology which he had employed there to make the viewing experience as real as possible for his spectators. It was so real, in … Continue reading

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London’s Bond Streets: Old and New

During this season of shopping it seems an appropriate time to shed a little light on the history of one of the main shopping streets of Regency London. Though Bond Street is generally referred to as a single street today, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Lady Day in the Regency Calendar

More than likely, most of you have read at least one Regency novel in which the heroine is the daughter of minor gentry. Her parents are well-bred and respectable, the young lady has grown up on the family’s country estate. … Continue reading

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Minutes Didn’t Matter in the Regency

Really! Hardly anyone in the Regency cared about minutes. Nor had anyone, anywhere, cared about these small measurements of time, throughout all of time, until just a few short years after the death of George IV, the erstwhile Prince Regent. … Continue reading

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It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Clock

Well, by now, it might be. But there were no grandfather clocks anywhere during the Regency because the song by which they acquired their name had yet to be written. However, by the beginning of the Regency, nearly every affluent … Continue reading

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The Two Calendars of the Regency

Strangely enough, there were two calendars in use across the globe during the decade of the Regency. Though most of the world had adopted the Gregorian calendar, there were still some countries, Russia included, which had refused to give up … Continue reading

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Mealtimes of the Regency Day

What could I possibly write about mealtimes that we all do not already know? We all know which meals take place and at which times, or do we? For most of us, our meals and their times have been a … Continue reading

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The Regency of the Redingote

The precise dates of the English Regency are 6 February 1811, to 29 January 1820. King George III began his final decent into madness in 1810. By early 1811, it was clear to all that he was unlikely to recover. … Continue reading

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