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Aspects of Small Ornamental Personal Possessions

Berlin Iron Work

Many of you may be aware that ornamental iron work was a prominent feature of fashionable architecture in Regency Britain. But similar architectural iron work in the Prussian capital is not the subject of this article. The iron work to … Continue reading

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The Amulet Stones of Queen Hortense

Gems of one type or another have been thought to possess a host of magical properties for many centuries across a number of different cultures. The magical property of each gem depended upon the type of stone and the culture … Continue reading

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Risqué Trinkets:   Erotic Snuff Boxes

Quite some time ago, I posted a pair of articles here on the topics of snuff and snuff boxes in the Regency. Snuff was the most common form of tobacco used during the Regency and was enjoyed by a great … Continue reading

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Corals:   Protection for Teething Babies

A child’s teething time has been a source of great angst for parents since prehistoric times, if not before, and remains so for most parents to this day. But for Regency parents, their child’s teething time was a period not … Continue reading

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The Mote Skimmer:   A Specialty Tea Accessory

Mote skimmers, also called mote spoons, were considered an essential part of any upscale English tea service for well over a century before the Regency began. Yet today, very few people are even aware of the existence of mote skimmers, … Continue reading

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Bottle Tickets & Wine Labels

Today many of us buy our wine in bottles with paper labels which provide the name and type of the wine and other information required by our respective governments. Such was not the case during the Regency, nor had it … Continue reading

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A Regency Bicentennial:   The Francillon Memo

Two hundred years ago, this coming Wednesday, a London jeweller signed and dated a memo which included a hand-colored drawing and a description he had just completed of a large blue diamond never before seen in England, certainly not publicly. … Continue reading

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