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A Peep Into the Past:  Brighton in the Olden Time, by John George Bishop

This curiously charming book was a pleasantly serendipitous discovery while I was researching a completely different topic. However, Brighton is one of my favorite settings for a Regency romance, perhaps because it was an important setting for the very first … Continue reading

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The Dandy Chargers — 2018 Riding Season

Those intrepid Dandy Chargers will embark on their eighteenth year of appearances in Regency dress, riding their Regency-era hobby horses. Those are the delightful vehicles which were also known as draisiennes, velocipedes, dandy horses and pedestrian curricles during our favorite … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:  The First Ride on the Laufmaschine

Two hundred years ago, this coming Monday, Karl von Drais, the man who invented the proto-type of the bicycle, took his first ride on his new invention. He rode his wooden, two-wheeled vehicle a distance of about five miles, out … Continue reading

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Of Bilbo-catch and Bilbo Catchers

      ". . . just a family party, for those who don’t care a straw for fashionable squeezes, but like to spend a cozy evening playing Jackstraws, or Bilbo-catch, or Speculation — . . . " Chapter 12 of Frederica … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The Royal Cockpit Looses Its Lease

Two centuries ago, the Royal Cockpit on Birdcage Walk, in London, which had been established by King Charles II, lost the lease for the ground on which the building stood. By the end of the year, the building had been … Continue reading

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The Dandy Chargers — Strides for 2016

What has become a spring tradition here at the Redingote is the posting of the schedule of appearances for the Dandy Chargers’ season. This year’s schedule is particularly special since two of the venues have very strong connections to the … Continue reading

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Reminiscences of Henry Angelo

Any reader of the Regency novels of Georgette Heyer will be aware of one of the important sporting haunts of Regency gentlemen, Henry Angelo’s Fencing Academy, in Bond Street. If scenes were not set in the environs of the academy, … Continue reading

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Before the Bicycle by Roger Street

Before the Bicycle:   The Regency Hobby-Horse Prints, is the most recent book by Roger Street, a scholar of early forms of the bicycle. However, this important book will be of interest not only to those fascinated by that very … Continue reading

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The Dandy Chargers — 2014 Riding Season

Thanks to a dedicated group of aficionados known as the Dandy Chargers, the velocipede, which Georgette Heyer fans know as the pedestrian curricle, is not a thing of the past. Each year, the Dandy Chargers don Regency dress and ride … Continue reading

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When Chicken-Skin Wasn’t

"… He drew from his pocket a fan of dainty-chicken-skin, and spread it open. … Hugh frowned upon the Duke’s fan. … " Scene between Justin, Duke of Avon and Hugh Davenant Chapter Eight These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer … Continue reading

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The Cut:   The Ultimate & Final Social Weapon

The cut to which I refer is, of course, the dreaded cut direct, though there is some debate regarding its name during our favorite period. The cut has made its appearance in a great many Regency novels beginning with those … Continue reading

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Dandy Chargers Ride — The 2013 Season

One of my favorite signs of Spring is the arrival in my email box of the Dandy Chargers annual schedule of appearances. For those of you who may not know, the Dandy Chargers are a group of gentlemen, and ladies, … Continue reading

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A Regency Bicentennial: Wellington Whoops with Delight and Turns the French Tide

This coming Sunday marks the two-hundredth anniversary of the decisive battle in the Peninsula by which was broken the iron grip that Napoleon had held on Spain. Known as the Battle of Salamanca, though it did not completely rout the … Continue reading

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Dashing Dandies by "Captain" Roger Street

I actually received this book as a gift from the author soon after it was published last year. But I had an ulterior motive for waiting until this year to post a review (more of that anon). Dashing Dandies:   … Continue reading

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Of Hanging Sleeves and Leading Strings

"I knew how to do that before I was out of leading strings!" "Don’t treat me as if I were still in leading strings!" "She manages the poor man as if he were back in leading strings!" We have all … Continue reading

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Biblio for Books

Biblio, more precisely, Biblio.com, was not in existence during the Regency. Yet I do feel an article about it has a place here, for a considerable portion of the books in my personal research library have made their way to … Continue reading

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A Regency Bicentennial:   Sense and Sensibility Hits the Press!

Two hundred years ago this Sunday, Jane Austen saw her first novel published, though not under her own name. Sense and Sensibility was not the first novel she had ever written, nor was it the first book she submitted to … Continue reading

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