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Regency Bicentennial:   Mount Tambora Erupts

Two hundred years ago, today, began the single most violent and explosive volcanic eruption ever to occur on this planet in recorded history. Though this volcano erupted halfway around the world from Great Britain, and few there were aware of … Continue reading

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The Hainault Forest and the Fairlop Oak — Part Two

Last week’s article was about the ancient Forest of Hainault. Within that forest stood an enormous oak tree which was centuries old by the Regency and had become an important local landmark. Known as the Fairlop Oak, annual events had … Continue reading

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The Hainault Forest and the Fairlop Oak — Part One

The great Fairlop Oak and the ancient Forest of Hainault which surrounded it have both been swept away by the ravages of time. But during the Regency, the massive oak stood tall in the large remnant of the primordial forest … Continue reading

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Picturesque Rides and Walks, with Excursions by Water …

Yet again I have made a most delightfully serendipitous find in the course of my research. A lovely Regency-era guide-book which I think many Regency authors will find most helpful when they are seeking a setting for a new story, … Continue reading

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Nights on the Streets of Regency London

The title of this article might just as well be "Lights on the Streets of Regency London," except that in the Regency, the dark of night was more powerful than any light which was used against it at that time. … Continue reading

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Lucia:   A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon

This book, as have been so many which I have reviewed here over the years, was a serendipitous find while I was doing flower research for my debut novel, Deflowering Daisy. I actually read its quasi-sequel first, the search for … Continue reading

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From Colosseum to Pocket:   Toy Panoramas

The largest panorama about which I have written in my series on panoramas is certainly the enormous London Panorama drawn by Thomas Horner, which encompassed 46,000 square feet of canvas and was displayed in the great Colosseum north of Regent’s … Continue reading

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