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The Grand Carlton House Fête:   Aftermath and Ramifications

Last week, I posted here a description of the famous fête given at Carlton House in London, by the Prince Regent, on Wednesday evening, 19 June 1811. But in that article, I wrote only of the decorations and those who … Continue reading

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A Regency Bicentennial:   The Grand Carlton House Banquet

… the fête given at Carlton House on June 19, 1811, being then the only experiment ever made to give a supper to 2,000 of the nobility and gentry. So was described Prinny’s famous Carlton House fête in The Mirror … Continue reading

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Silk to Silicon:   How French Weaving Created Computer Commands

Truth, as usual, is always stranger than fiction. The machines that wove all those lovely French silks which were so often smuggled into England during the war with Napoleon did indeed provide the key to issuing commands to computers shortly … Continue reading

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Coal:   Heat Source or Gemstone?

Both, actually. Coal is just rock, after all. But a most interesting sedimentary rock, which is not only highly flamable, but it can be fairly easily carved and takes a high polish. However, by the Regency, coal was much more … Continue reading

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