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Feathers in Regency Fashion

During the Regency, feathers were often used as fashionable adornments, just as they had been for millenia. But unlike the feather wearers of previous centuries, by the Regency, it was almost only women who arrayed themselves in feathers. Rather ironic, … Continue reading

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Portraits Floating in Glass:   Crystal Cameos

Though we most often associate cameos with jewelry, a special type of cameo which became popular during the Regency was to be found primarily on very fine glassware. Such pieces were very expensive and were typically to be seen only … Continue reading

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Remodelling in the Family Jewel Box

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the holiday devoted to love, a discussion of a practice common during the Regency, which many women took as proof of the love and respect of their betrothed or their husband. And yet, today, such … Continue reading

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The Regency:   On the Cusp of Cuff Links

As with so many other things which have been discussed here, with regard to a new kind of men’s, and occasionally, women’s, clothing accessory, the term cuff link was just coming into use during the Regency. However, that garment accessory … Continue reading

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The Amulet Stones of Queen Hortense

Gems of one type or another have been thought to possess a host of magical properties for many centuries across a number of different cultures. The magical property of each gem depended upon the type of stone and the culture … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The Last Frost Fair — Part One

Tomorrow marks the two-hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the last Frost Fair to be held on the River Thames in London. The lower section of the Thames had frozen solid many times since the Middle Ages, and there are … Continue reading

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Love Symbols of the Regency

With the approach of Valentine’s Day next week, it seems an appropriate time to discuss the various symbols which were emblematic of love and fidelity during the Regency. Some of those symbols are still recognized as appropriate for those same … Continue reading

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A Regency Bicentennial:   The Francillon Memo

Two hundred years ago, this coming Wednesday, a London jeweller signed and dated a memo which included a hand-colored drawing and a description he had just completed of a large blue diamond never before seen in England, certainly not publicly. … Continue reading

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The Jeweled Serpent

Though this serpent seldom has fangs, even when it does, there is no danger to anyone who handles it. This serpent may wrap itself around one of your digits, but will never squeeze any tighter than necessary to keep it … Continue reading

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The Signet Ring:   Mark of a Gentleman

By the end of the nineteenth century, men of all classes had begun to wear signet rings. But during the Regency, as had been the case for many centuries, only gentlemen were entitled to wear signet rings. And each of … Continue reading

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A Lock on Love

Over the past few weeks I have seen several Tiffany advertisements posted around the Copley Square area, here in Boston. Among them was one which featured several padlocks in various shapes and sizes. They were of brushed or polished metals, … Continue reading

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London’s Bond Streets: Old and New

During this season of shopping it seems an appropriate time to shed a little light on the history of one of the main shopping streets of Regency London. Though Bond Street is generally referred to as a single street today, … Continue reading

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Gimmel Ring:   The Puzzle of Love?

Though seldom used today, gimmel rings had been in use since the late Middle Ages as wedding or betrothal rings. And they continued to be used for that purpose right through the Regency. Long before the Regency began, a variation … Continue reading

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Coal:   Heat Source or Gemstone?

Both, actually. Coal is just rock, after all. But a most interesting sedimentary rock, which is not only highly flamable, but it can be fairly easily carved and takes a high polish. However, by the Regency, coal was much more … Continue reading

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The Regency Telegraph of Love

Two hundred years ago, a brief article was published in La Belle Assemblée, entitled "Love’s Telegraph." Though it was actually published in the November "number" for that year, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss it in observation of … Continue reading

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Alphabet of Gems:  The Language of Stones During the Regency

First introduced in France as the eighteenth century slipped into the nineteenth, and despite the ongoing Napoleonic wars, this particular type of sentimental jewelery soon crossed the English Channel to become all the rage in England, just as the Prince … Continue reading

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Where are the Cairngorms?

Over the years, I have read many Regency novels set in Scotland, or which included Scottish characters. And yet, I have not found any mention of cairngorms in the pages of those novels, despite the fact that they are the … Continue reading

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