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Regency Bicentennial:   Horror at Villa Diodati

"It was a dark and stormy night . . . "   Is that not the quintessential opening line of a horror story? But in this case, it had been a dark and stormy summer, for two hundred years ago, … Continue reading

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The Salts of Epsom

My grandmother swore by Epsom salts for lots of things, particularly as a remedy for what ails a person, inside or out. I still have a box on my shelf, and use them from time to time, just as Grandma … Continue reading

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A Vision of Britain Through Time Web Site

Recently, I happened upon a web site which I suspect many Regency authors will find both useful and convenient, particularly when researching places or locations in Britain. It is called A Vision of Britain Through Time, and is the work … Continue reading

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How Prevailing Winds Made Mayfair

During the Regency, the Mayfair area was the most exclusive and fashionable residential district in the city of London. The majority of the wealthiest and most socially prominent members of society had town homes in that area. In addition, some … Continue reading

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