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Of Hot-Beds and Cold Frames

About a half century before the term "hot-bed" was used to refer to a place or group which promoted the rapid development of some philosophy or phenomenon which was considered to be politically or socially subversive, a hot-bed was a … Continue reading

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Quill-Work or Quilling?

This delicate craft had been known for more than five hundred years when it became popular once again in the late eighteenth century. A popularlity which continued right through the Regency, especially among gently-bred ladies of the upper and middle … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Mount Tambora Erupts

Two hundred years ago, today, began the single most violent and explosive volcanic eruption ever to occur on this planet in recorded history. Though this volcano erupted halfway around the world from Great Britain, and few there were aware of … Continue reading

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The Dandy Chargers Ride — The 2015 Season

Never was an email more welcome than the one I got earlier this week. This has been the worst, most snowiest winter ever in Boston this year. And even now, though the calendar says it is spring, the temperatures are … Continue reading

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