Deflowering Daisy — Release Date:  10 July 2014

My first Regency romance novel, Deflowering Daisy, will be released as an eBook publication this Thursday, 10 July 2014. Though I have published a few academic articles in the past, and regularly publish articles on Regency history here at the Redingote, this is my very first work of fiction and I am both very excited and quite nervous to be on the threshold of its debut.

More about Deflowering Daisy

My novel is set in the summer of the year after Waterloo and much of the story takes place at a secluded country estate in Lincolnshire, in July, as it happens. The story is about an innocent young woman, Daisy, who is initiated into the pleasures of the bedchamber by David, a former spy. Daisy is convinced she is dowdy and unattractive and has devoted her life to the care of the orphan children in one of the foundling homes established by her husband, Sir Arthur Hammond. Sir Arthur is an elderly man who married Daisy to protect her from the cruelty of her stepfather. He has never consummated the marriage because he was so deeply in love with his first wife. David is Sir Arthur’s godson, a man who has become something of a social outcast after a tragedy which took place when he prevented Napoleon Bonaparte from being taken out of English custody just as Bonaparte was about to be sent off to his final exile on St. Helena. Sir Arthur is a wealthy man who knows he does not have much longer to live. He is concerned that if Daisy remains innocent of what passes between a man and a woman, she will be at the mercy of any fortune hunter out for her money once she becomes a widow, so he convinces the reluctant David to initiate her, for her protection. But is that the only reason?

Over the years, I have heard a number of stories of the first time from several female acquaintances. It saddened me to realize that so many of those ladies were rather disappointed in their first experience. I wanted to write a first-time story which, I hope, will be something that most women can enjoy and even if their own first time was not quite what they expected, they will identify with Daisy and think that David got it right. Since this is a first-time story and since I love words, I could not help but ponder which words would be appropriate for the title of my novel, and the most obvious was, of course, "deflower." Then, there was that lovely second syllable, "flower." I love flowers nearly as much as I love words, and it occurred to me that readers might enjoy snippets of floral history woven into this tale of deflowering. There are some significant aspects of history related to flowers mentioned in this story, and some so small you might not even notice them as you read. But I do hope their inclusion will enhance and enrich the story for those who choose to read it. I have provided an expanded set of Author’s Notes at the back of the book to explain some of the floral history elements which I worked into the story. In the coming months, I will be posting articles here to elaborate on some of those floral history snippets. Some of you may also recognize some elements in the story from articles which I have already posted.

As I suspect is obvious from the title, Deflowering Daisy is an erotic Regency romance. I want to make that clear for those of you who might not care for such stories, as I have no wish to offend anyone. However, one of my friends thinks this book should be in a sub-genre of erotic romance which she has dubbed "cozy erotic." It is more sensual than technical. There is no violence, but a lot of romance. For those of you who like a healthy dollop of sensuous bed games with your Regency romances, I hope that Deflowering Daisy will not disappoint.

If you would like to read an excerpt, or maybe even make a purchase, you can do so here:

Initially, Deflowering Daisy will only be available as an eBook. However, when sales meet the publisher’s threshold, there will also be a print edition available.

For a longer excerpt, click here.


About Kathryn Kane

Historian with a particular interest the English Regency era.   An avid reader of novels set in that time, holding strong opinions on the historical accuracy to be found in said novels.
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19 Responses to Deflowering Daisy — Release Date:  10 July 2014

  1. Roger Street says:

    Kat, may I be the first to congratulate you on bringing your book to its flowering. I wish you every success. I look forward to obtaining a print edition as soon as this become available. Roger

  2. Excellent! I look forward to it going on bloom in print! I have no problem with erotica if it is [a] appropriate [and this seems a very well thought out reason] and [b] not hilariously funny/boring/biology lesson.
    I was very much impressed with my first sexual encounter, and I’m still married to him. I was amazed over the first few months of our relationship [PRE marital] that it only managed to get better as I thought it was already an amazing new toy!

  3. This is great news! Congratulations!
    I enjoyed reading the excerpt and I keep my finger’s crossed for the success of the ebook, as I want a print edition, too :- ) .

    • Kathryn Kane says:

      Thanks very much!

      It has been a long time in coming, and having lived with it so long on my own, it seems strange that it is not just mine anymore. I just hope people will like it.



  4. When are you writing the story of how Arthur’s wife tamed the notorious rake?
    I like David very much, by the way. He’s a man of honour and scruples and I hope he wins both the girl and vindication. I have to think hard, though, to think of him as a romantic figure as it’s my brother’s name….

    • Kathryn Kane says:

      There are a couple of impediments to writing the story of Sir Arthur and Lady Millicent. Arthur is over eighty when this story begins, which would put his courtship of Millie in the mid-Georgian era. My heart is in the Regency, as is the depth of my knowledge of social and cultural history, so I don’t think I could do them justice.

      Sorry to have chosen your brother’s name for my hero. But, as you may have noticed, I quite like alliteration, so I wanted both main characters to have the same first initial. I thought David was a good name for the hero, since it sounded strong and brave to me, as well as kind-hearted. That is how I think of him. I hope you will be able to let Daisy’s David take the stage in your mind while you read their story. Her David is tall and lean, with sable-dark, wavy hair that just touches his collar. Not to mention, he has deep sea-green eyes and a smile that turns her knees to jelly.



      • Oh good, he doesn’t look in the least like my brother, who is medium height and blonde. [and all his sports injuries are from Hockey…]
        My big brother was my hero when I was growing up so it surely does sound like a hero name for me!
        Maybe I should write fanfiction lol… I’ve poked around a bit in the mid 18th century….

  5. elfahearn says:

    Hey Kathryn,
    I can’t wait to read your fiction. If it’s anything like your non-fic it’s going to be terrific!

  6. alinakfield says:

    Kathryn, this sounds like a wonderful story. I love alliteration and flower lore and of course the romance. Can’t wait to read this!

    • Kathryn Kane says:

      I am so glad to hear you like the idea of the story. I was not sure what people would think of the concept, but, truth be told, both Daisy and David demanded, politely, of course, that I write their story. I knew I would never get them out of my head until I did! 😉

      Now they are free to see what Regency readers think of them.



  7. chasbaz says:

    Congratulations, Kat! Indeed a naughty title but from the excerpt it looks very readable.

    • Kathryn Kane says:

      Thanks very much! I was hoping the excerpt would make up for the cover, which was not my choice. Truly a case where I hope my book will not be judged by its cover!

      I will be posting a longer excerpt on a Redingote page soon. Watch the black bar with the “Home” and “About” links for one titled “Book.”



  8. skrizzolo says:

    Congratulations, Kat! Best of luck with your release.

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