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The Regency Way of Death:   Mourning Rings

Last week, I wrote about the customs which governed women’s attendance at funerals during the Regency. As noted in that article, the majority of upper-class Anglican women did not attend funerals in the early nineteenth century. Some scholars of English … Continue reading

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The Regency Way of Death:   Ladies at Funerals?

Did women attend funerals during the Regency? That is a rather complex question for which a simple "yes" or "no" answer will not suffice. The statement that Regency women did not attend funerals due to their "delicate sensibilities" has been … Continue reading

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Pastille Burners:   Regency Glade®

Times past were not always fragrant, and our ancestors employed various methods to cover the plethora of noxious odors with which they often found themselves surrounded. Scent vinaigrettes, pomanders and perfumed handkerchiefs were effective enough while out and about in … Continue reading

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When Hodgson’s Had a Lock on IPA

IPA, as in beer. India Pale Ale, to be exact. Though it must be noted that this particular style of beer did not acquire that specific name until at least a decade after the Regency, for the simple reason that … Continue reading

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