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The Cut:   The Ultimate & Final Social Weapon

The cut to which I refer is, of course, the dreaded cut direct, though there is some debate regarding its name during our favorite period. The cut has made its appearance in a great many Regency novels beginning with those … Continue reading

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The Butterfly’s Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast

Many of you may be familiar with this title from a children’s picture book of a similar title published in 1973, or as the title of a rock concept album which was released in 1974. But did you know that … Continue reading

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When the Family Savings Was the Teapot

The title of this article is not a mistake. I do not mean that the family savings was kept in the teapot. I really do mean that the family savings WAS the teapot itself, but only if that teapot was … Continue reading

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The Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine

Some years ago, I posted an article here about Google Books. At that time, I was very impressed with what Google had done and had high hopes for its future. Sadly, since that time, I have become increasingly disappointed with … Continue reading

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