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How the Regency Got Ketchup

Ketchup, katchup, catchup or catsup. Regardless of how you spell or pronounce it, in the twenty-first century this spiced tomato sauce is so ubiquitous in homes and restaurants of all kinds that it is almost completely taken for granted. But … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Paper Hats

Today, paper hats are most often worn for a bit of fun at parties, or are made for a child by parent or grandparent for some make-believe playtime. But during the Regency, paper hats were regularly worn by working men … Continue reading

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Frigorific Solutions of the Regency

Despite what you may be thinking, this particular f-word is perfectly respectable. In fact, it is quite learned, as it is now, and was during the Regency, the scientific term for things that produce cold. In fact, the first documented … Continue reading

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Saltpetre:   Regency Refrigeration

Most everyone knows that saltpetre was the primary ingredient used in the making of gunpowder and other explosives, including fireworks, from ancient times right through the Regency. But did you know that it could also be used as a cooling … Continue reading

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On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures By Charles Babbage

From the title, you may think this sounds like a rather boring book. Well, it is not a riveting, action-packed account, I will admit, but do not discount its value to for those writing novels set in the Regency. Are … Continue reading

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