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Dandy Chargers Ride — The 2013 Season

One of my favorite signs of Spring is the arrival in my email box of the Dandy Chargers annual schedule of appearances. For those of you who may not know, the Dandy Chargers are a group of gentlemen, and ladies, … Continue reading

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A Regency Bicentennial:   Byron Hides Authorship of The Waltz

This coming Sunday marks the two hundredth anniversary of the writing of a letter by Lord Byron in which he directed his publisher to deny any claims that he was the author of a satirical poem entitled The Waltz. Byron … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Coach Horse:   The Regency Aston Martin

Last week, the topic of discussion was the great English coaching horse breed, the Cleveland Bay. This week will be dicussed the taller, lighter, faster cousin of the Cleveland Bay, the Yorkshire Coach horse. More a Cleveland Bay hybrid than … Continue reading

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Cleveland Bay:   The Bentley of Coach Horses

The Cleveland Bay is the oldest of all the indigenous British horse breeds. Clevelands are large, powerful, and elegant, and they are always bay in color. Though they were considered to be the very best coach horses during the Regency, … Continue reading

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