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The Regency Way of Death:   The Tricks of the Funeral Trade

Last week, I wrote about the various aspects of the funeral trade in Regency England. That trade was completely unregulated, as it had been for more than a century, and corruption was rampant among many of those who were involved … Continue reading

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The Regency Way of Death:   Furnishing the Funeral

Most scholars agree that the early modern period in Europe ended with the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo and the emergence of the first "global powers" at the Congress of Vienna. Thus, this long period of transition from the Renaissance … Continue reading

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Bottle Tickets & Wine Labels

Today many of us buy our wine in bottles with paper labels which provide the name and type of the wine and other information required by our respective governments. Such was not the case during the Regency, nor had it … Continue reading

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Hot Walls for Grapes

It is the finest garden I have ever seen about this town, and abundance of hot walls for grapes, where they are in great plenty, and ripening fast. Jonathan Swift Letter to Stella 1 September 1711 So wrote Jonathan Swift … Continue reading

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