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Green is for Babies

Not for the clothing of them, but for the begetting of them. Color was considered to hold great power by humans, reaching back into pre-historic times. Though they shifted and evolved over the centuries, the powers associated with various colors … Continue reading

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The Keys to the Panorama

These "keys" were made of paper, and would certainly not open the door to the panorama rotunda. However, they would unlock the secrets of what you were viewing within the panorama, once you had gotten through the door. Last month, … Continue reading

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A Regency Bicentennial:   The Francillon Memo

Two hundred years ago, this coming Wednesday, a London jeweller signed and dated a memo which included a hand-colored drawing and a description he had just completed of a large blue diamond never before seen in England, certainly not publicly. … Continue reading

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Transparencies for Celebratory Illuminations

Though we take it for granted today, light has been an important commodity in nearly every culture throughout history. It was especially important to those living in northern lands, like England, which are far away from the equator. Yes, they … Continue reading

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