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The "Secret" Ruff Drawer

It rather depends on where and into which century you were born as to whether or not this special drawer was likely to be a secret to you. Those born in England or America in the seventeenth century would be … Continue reading

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A Regency Bicentennial:   Napoleon Crosses the Niemen

This coming Sunday marks the two-hundredth anniversary of the day Napoloen Bonaparte took the step that would break his Grande Armée and lead to his ultimate defeat in Belgium, almost exactly three years later. It was on Wednesday, 24 June … Continue reading

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A Regency Bicentennial:   America Declares War on Britain

Two hundred years ago, this coming Monday, the American President, James Madison, signed a document which brought his country into conflict with the same country against which America had successfully rebelled only three decades previously. This war, unlike many curiously … Continue reading

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Regency Baby Clothes:   Blue for Boys, ??? for Girls

"Pink!!!   Everyone knows that!"     Did you shout it at the computer monitor, or just think it? Either way, if blue is for boys, then of course, pink is for girls. Since the twentieth century, that is mostly … Continue reading

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"Mrs. Phoebe Wright’s Celebrated Establishment"

And so it had been known for many years. Though, sadly, Mrs. Wright had passed away before the Prince of Wales became Regent, her "celebrated establishment" for young ladies was managed and maintained by one of her nieces, through most … Continue reading

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