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Snow in the Regency

Even though Christmas is still a month away, it is not too early to discuss snow, since here in New England we had "appreciable" snowfall across most of the area just before Halloween. (And if that is the last flake … Continue reading

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From Hasteners to Roasters — A Regency Cooking Convenience

This past summer, I posted an article here on some of the contraptions which were used for cooking during the Regency. But some of those contraptions have a more complex history and therefore merit more direct focus on their development. … Continue reading

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Sand:   A Regency Cleaning Agent?

Today, most people would be much more likely to clean sand up than they would be to clean with it. But during the Regency, as it had been for centuries before, sand was a commonly-used household cleaning agent. And the … Continue reading

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The Wearing of Costume

Yet again, I have come across another unique and fascinating book while browsing at my local library. A book which I think many authors of Regency novels will find quite informative. This book is about exactly what the title says … Continue reading

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