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Regency Colormen

It is certainly true that Regency gentlemen, particularly dandies, prefered brightly-colored clothing. But they are not the "colormen" who are to be the subject of this article. Rather, I will discuss the true Regency colormen, those who made and sold … Continue reading

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Butter:   A Regency Health Food?

All you health-conscious readers are probably shuddering at the very idea, but in actual fact, butter did help to protect the health of many people in England during the Regency, just as it had for several centuries before the nineteenth. … Continue reading

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Regency Pins

Yes, I do mean pins, those little straight pointy things few people use any more and those of us who do tend to take for granted. Only straight pins, also known now as common pins, were available in the Regency. … Continue reading

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How a Tiny Fraction of an Inch Saved Millions of Lives

The fraction was 5/16 of an inch, the lives saved were those of bees, honey bees. Literally millions and millions of bees were saved by this little space, which came to be known as "bee space." The value of this … Continue reading

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Gimmel Ring:   The Puzzle of Love?

Though seldom used today, gimmel rings had been in use since the late Middle Ages as wedding or betrothal rings. And they continued to be used for that purpose right through the Regency. Long before the Regency began, a variation … Continue reading

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