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The "Expunger of Naughtiness" — Thomas Bowdler

I must admit, I purloined that delicious phrase from the title of a brief article in The Republican, written by Richard Carlile, about Thomas Bowlder. In fact, it is a very apt description of what he did to some well-known … Continue reading

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The "Block" Labyrinth and its Variations

The block labyrinth is the next to be considered in my series of articles on mazes. They were much more rare than either hedge or turf mazes, but there were a few built in England, some of which survived, barely, … Continue reading

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Mutant Regency Squirrels!

Or not?      Mostly, not. This past weekend, I read the fourth or fifth Regency novel in the last few years in which a scratching or rustling noise intrudes upon a clandestine meeting or stealthy activity in which the hero and … Continue reading

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The Rolling of the Cheese in Regency England

This past week, the fellow who reports on sport for the local public radio station did a tongue-in-cheek piece on the recent cheese rolling event which took place in Gloucestershire, England. His intent was to remind his listeners there were … Continue reading

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