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Celebrating the Regency Bicentennials

The decade of the English Regency is my favorite period in history, bar none. Period. It is a tiny slice of time between the rougher, cruder eighteenth century and the repressively straight-laced Victorian age. England was still mainly rural, most … Continue reading

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The English Print Room Phenomenon

In recent weeks I have written about both paper-hangings and the private display of art during the Regency. Those divergent topics intersected during the second half of the eighteenth century and through the decade of the Regency to produce a … Continue reading

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Of Velocipedes and Draisiennes — The Fall

Last week I wrote about the rapid rise of the craze for the velocipede in Regency England. Introduced first in London, early in 1819, by the enterprising coachmaker, Denis Johnson, the velocipede was all the rage by the early spring … Continue reading

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Of Velocipedes and Draisiennes — The Rise

      … it was Jessamy who plunged him, not many days later, into the affair of the Pedestrian Curricle.      Boy enough to wish to startle his family with his unsuspected prowess, Jessamy had said nothing to them about his new … Continue reading

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