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Tom & Jerry — The Regency Source

Yes, I mean the cartoon cat and mouse. No, the Regency did not have cartoons, not as we know them, even though Peter Mark Roget, of Thesaurus fame, did present a paper entitled Explanation of an optical deception in the … Continue reading

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Parchment is NOT Paper!

Nor is vellum. Yet countless characters in countless Regency novels have selected or are offered a sheet of "parchment" or "vellum" when they have something to write. But that would never really have happened during the Regency, because though paper … Continue reading

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Project Gutenberg

Some months ago I wrote about Google Book Search. But Google was not the first to digitize books and other documents and make them available online. Thirty-three years before Google scanned their first book, in 1971, Michael S. Hart digitized … Continue reading

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Rotten Row Was Rotten – Kinda

The most fashionable bridle path in all of Regency London was Rotten Row in Hyde Park. It has been a very popular setting in countless Regency romance novels all the way back to Georgette Heyer. Rotten Row is still maintained … Continue reading

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