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I Love Readerware!

Readerware has nothing to do with the Regency, but it has a great deal to do with books. So, if you have a lot of books, especially if you sometimes buy second or even third copies of books you already … Continue reading

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"Marriage Lines" really are lines!

The phrase "marriage lines" is listed in the entry for marriage in the Oxford English Dictionary Online (paid subscription required). The phrase is characterized as a colloquial term for a marriage certificate, expecially that held by a bride. The first … Continue reading

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Pianoforte vs. Harpsichord

It is during the years of the Regency that the popularity of these two musical instruments intersect, one rising, the other waning. In fact, many of the more affluent homes during this period had both keyboard instruments. But though they … Continue reading

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Why Wikipedia?

In my articles, I have included links to Wikipedia for most of the topics for which I want to provide additional information. Yet, in recent years there have been several instances when Wikipedia has been criticized as an unreliable source … Continue reading

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