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A Gentleman Does Not Wear a Sword in the Presence of a Lady!

Over the years I have read any number of Regency romance novels in which the hero wears his sword on some social occasion. Shame on him! No true gentleman would ever have worn a sword in the presence of any … Continue reading

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The Regency of the Redingote

The precise dates of the English Regency are 6 February 1811, to 29 January 1820. King George III began his final decent into madness in 1810. By early 1811, it was clear to all that he was unlikely to recover. … Continue reading

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Are they dead yet?

And if they aren’t dead, where are they? Who are "they?" "They" are the figures of history with which writers of historical fiction sometimes pepper their novels. Over the years I have read any number of historical novels in which … Continue reading

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The Picture of London

"You can’t think I’m going to totter all over London looking at a lot of buildings I don’t want to see! Very happy to take you driving in the Park, but that’s coming it too strong, my dear girl!   … Continue reading

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