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From Colosseum to Pocket:   Toy Panoramas

The largest panorama about which I have written in my series on panoramas is certainly the enormous London Panorama drawn by Thomas Horner, which encompassed 46,000 square feet of canvas and was displayed in the great Colosseum north of Regent’s … Continue reading

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The Dandy Chargers — 2014 Riding Season

Thanks to a dedicated group of aficionados known as the Dandy Chargers, the velocipede, which Georgette Heyer fans know as the pedestrian curricle, is not a thing of the past. Each year, the Dandy Chargers don Regency dress and ride … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   The First English Edition of The Swiss Family Robinson

Though the exact date is not known, an English translation of one version of the book which would eventually come to be known as The Swiss Family Robinson, was first published in London in 1814. And thus, came full circle … Continue reading

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A Lock-Keeper’s Cottage

There were a whole host of cottages situated along the banks of the rivers and canals of England during the Regency, as they had been for decades before. These charming, often isolated cottages were the homes of the keepers of … Continue reading

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A "Timely" Tool for Regency Authors

Moonlight can be an important aspect of a romantic scene in a Regency novel. Moonlight was also critical during the Regency for night-time travel in the countryside. Few people would have ventured out on a journey of any length on … Continue reading

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The New British Traveller by James Dugdale

Last fall, I posted an article here about the Internet Archive. Recently, while doing a search there for something completely different, I happened upon a four-volume travel guide of early nineteenth-century Britain which no Regency author will want to be … Continue reading

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1813:   The Year in Review

And the great fog. (More of this anon.) The end of yet another year is upon us, and two hundred years ago, so too was the end of the third year of the English Regency. The year 1813 saw an … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Puffing Billy Hits the Rails

Though the exact date is unknown, two hundred years ago, the oldest extant steam locomotive had been completed and was undergoing its first tests. There had been other steam locomotives built in England before Puffing Billy, but none of them … Continue reading

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When Hodgson’s Had a Lock on IPA

IPA, as in beer. India Pale Ale, to be exact. Though it must be noted that this particular style of beer did not acquire that specific name until at least a decade after the Regency, for the simple reason that … Continue reading

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The Acquisition and Handling of a Matched Team

Last week, I discussed the main criteria which were used during the Regency to match a pair of carriage or coach horses. But as with coat color being only the first consideration in matching a team, knowing the criteria which … Continue reading

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Matching a Team — Color is Only the Beginning

Recently, I wrote a pair of articles about Cleveland Bays and Yorkshire Coach Horses. Though a single horse of either of these breeds might be hitched to a small carriage, or even ridden under saddle, they were most often harnessed … Continue reading

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Defying Death:   The Genesis of a Panorama

Last month, I posted an article here on how panoramas were painted. Every single one of those panoramas was painted on an enormous canvas after a drawing of the scene had been transferred to it. Without those drawings, there would … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Bagging Bonaparte’s Baggage

Last week was discussed the Battle of Vitoria, by which Wellington and his allied forces defeated the French army, officially under the command of Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon’s elder brother. Though Joseph Bonaparte was not much of a military commander, he … Continue reading

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Regency Roof Rack:   The Imperial

Did you think all those roof racks and cargo boxes that are mounted on all those car roofs every year for summer vacation road trips are an invention of the twentieth century? Then you will be quite surprised to learn … Continue reading

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The Painting of a Panorama

In previous articles in my series on the history of the panorama, I have discussed its invention by Robert Barker, the purpose-built rotundas in which these paintings were displayed and the technology employed to make the viewing experience as realistic … Continue reading

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Dancing Through the Novels of Jane Austen

I usually receive a book or three each Christmas, as my family and friends are well aware they can hardly go wrong with such a gift to this devoted and steadfast bibliophile. I am always very pleased with these gifts, … Continue reading

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Dandy Chargers Ride — The 2013 Season

One of my favorite signs of Spring is the arrival in my email box of the Dandy Chargers annual schedule of appearances. For those of you who may not know, the Dandy Chargers are a group of gentlemen, and ladies, … Continue reading

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