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Popinjay Palaces:   Bird Cages in the Regency

Birds have been kept by humans since ancient times and, during the course of all those years, a wide array of structures have been constructed to house them. Some birds were kept for veneration or to participate in various rituals, … Continue reading

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Dumb-Waiters:   Keepers of Secrets

The dumb-waiters which will be discussed today are the free-standing furniture pieces which originated in England in the early eighteenth century. [Author’s Note:   The small box-like manual elevators used in many upscale homes are known in America as dumb-waiters, … Continue reading

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Billiards in the Regency

The Regency version of the game was played very differently than the way it is played today. It required only three balls, no rack and a mace was used as often as a cue. The only similarity between modern-day pool … Continue reading

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The English Regency Gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston for the first time in more than a year. The MFA has been undergoing an ambitious remodeling and expansion project and this visit was my … Continue reading

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Pastille Burners:   Regency Glade®

Times past were not always fragrant, and our ancestors employed various methods to cover the plethora of noxious odors with which they often found themselves surrounded. Scent vinaigrettes, pomanders and perfumed handkerchiefs were effective enough while out and about in … Continue reading

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When the Family Savings Was the Teapot

The title of this article is not a mistake. I do not mean that the family savings was kept in the teapot. I really do mean that the family savings WAS the teapot itself, but only if that teapot was … Continue reading

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Regency Bicentennial:   Bagging Bonaparte’s Baggage

Last week was discussed the Battle of Vitoria, by which Wellington and his allied forces defeated the French army, officially under the command of Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon’s elder brother. Though Joseph Bonaparte was not much of a military commander, he … Continue reading

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