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The Dandy Chargers — 2014 Riding Season

Thanks to a dedicated group of aficionados known as the Dandy Chargers, the velocipede, which Georgette Heyer fans know as the pedestrian curricle, is not a thing of the past. Each year, the Dandy Chargers don Regency dress and ride … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Paper Hats

Today, paper hats are most often worn for a bit of fun at parties, or are made for a child by parent or grandparent for some make-believe playtime. But during the Regency, paper hats were regularly worn by working men … Continue reading

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Regency Roof Rack:   The Imperial

Did you think all those roof racks and cargo boxes that are mounted on all those car roofs every year for summer vacation road trips are an invention of the twentieth century? Then you will be quite surprised to learn … Continue reading

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Was the Prince Regent a Jacobite?

Absolutely, as had been both his father and his grandfather before him. Curiously, though the throne of the early Hanoverian kings of England had been severely threatened by both the son and grandson of the erstwhile King James II, the … Continue reading

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Love Symbols of the Regency

With the approach of Valentine’s Day next week, it seems an appropriate time to discuss the various symbols which were emblematic of love and fidelity during the Regency. Some of those symbols are still recognized as appropriate for those same … Continue reading

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Schomberg House — Part One

Earlier this month, I wrote a couple of articles about Mrs. Eleanor Coade and her artificial stone manufactory, located in the Lambeth area of London. Some of Mrs. Coade’s artificial stone products were used to decorate the facades of a … Continue reading

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Green is for Babies

Not for the clothing of them, but for the begetting of them. Color was considered to hold great power by humans, reaching back into pre-historic times. Though they shifted and evolved over the centuries, the powers associated with various colors … Continue reading

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Boy to Man:   The Breeching Ceremony

Anyone who has any familiarity at all with the history of children’s clothes is aware that both boys and girls were dressed alike during the first few years of their lives for several centuries. Then, typically between four to seven … Continue reading

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The "Secret" Ruff Drawer

It rather depends on where and into which century you were born as to whether or not this special drawer was likely to be a secret to you. Those born in England or America in the seventeenth century would be … Continue reading

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Regency Baby Clothes:   Blue for Boys, ??? for Girls

"Pink!!!   Everyone knows that!"     Did you shout it at the computer monitor, or just think it? Either way, if blue is for boys, then of course, pink is for girls. Since the twentieth century, that is mostly … Continue reading

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"Mrs. Phoebe Wright’s Celebrated Establishment"

And so it had been known for many years. Though, sadly, Mrs. Wright had passed away before the Prince of Wales became Regent, her "celebrated establishment" for young ladies was managed and maintained by one of her nieces, through most … Continue reading

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Portent of Pantaloons:   The Skeleton Suit

Today, there are very few men who feel comfortable going about in public in short pants and tights. Well, maybe with the exception of ballet dancers, gymnasts, or trapeze artists. And yet, a little over two centuries ago, most men … Continue reading

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Of Hanging Sleeves and Leading Strings

"I knew how to do that before I was out of leading strings!" "Don’t treat me as if I were still in leading strings!" "She manages the poor man as if he were back in leading strings!" We have all … Continue reading

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London’s Bond Streets: Old and New

During this season of shopping it seems an appropriate time to shed a little light on the history of one of the main shopping streets of Regency London. Though Bond Street is generally referred to as a single street today, … Continue reading

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The Wearing of Costume

Yet again, I have come across another unique and fascinating book while browsing at my local library. A book which I think many authors of Regency novels will find quite informative. This book is about exactly what the title says … Continue reading

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Regency Pins

Yes, I do mean pins, those little straight pointy things few people use any more and those of us who do tend to take for granted. Only straight pins, also known now as common pins, were available in the Regency. … Continue reading

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Banyan:   Merchant, Tree, Meatless Day or Garment?

All of the above, actually. However, for this article, I shall briefly explain the various other uses of the word before I focus on the garment, so near and dear to the hearts of Regency romance authors, and their readers. … Continue reading

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