Regency Bicentennial: Princess Charlotte Bolts

The whole scandalous business began exactly two hundred years ago today, at about five o’clock in the afternoon. The Prince Regent had heard shocking rumors about his daughter, Princess Charlotte, and a certain rakish Prussian prince, which thoroughly infuriated him. He sent a note over to Warwick House, the home of Princess Charlotte, situated on the grounds of Carlton House, demanding that the Princess and her lady companion, Miss Cornelia Knight, attend him immediately. Princess Charlotte was suffering from a painfully sprained knee and could not walk any distance. She sent Miss Knight alone to wait upon the Regent.

In no little trepidation, Miss Knight set out to walk alone through the gardens of Carlton House …

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Deflowering Daisy — Release Date:  10 July 2014

My first Regency romance novel, Deflowering Daisy, will be released as an eBook publication this Thursday, 10 July 2014. Though I have published a few academic articles in the past, and regularly publish articles on Regency history here at the Redingote, this is my very first work of fiction and I am both very excited and quite nervous to be on the threshold of its debut.

More about Deflowering Daisy

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From Colosseum to Pocket:   Toy Panoramas

The largest panorama about which I have written in my series on panoramas is certainly the enormous London Panorama drawn by Thomas Horner, which encompassed 46,000 square feet of canvas and was displayed in the great Colosseum north of Regent’s Park. Today, however, I am going to tell you about the smallest of the panoramas, those made as toys, ostensibly for children, though it seems many adults enjoyed them just as much.

When panoramas shrank to fit the pocket (or reticule?) …

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Regency Bicentennial: Queen Charlotte Officially Welcomes Wellington

Two hundred years ago, tomorrow, Field Marshal, His Grace the Duke of Wellington, was formally welcomed back to Great Britain by Queen Charlotte, at her London home, Buckingham House. With Napoleon safely in exile on the island of Elba, and all the Allied Sovereigns already gathered in London to celebrate the great victory, it was high time the man who had forced the French out of the Iberian Peninsula, and made that victory possible, was properly recognized in his own country.

And so began a social round for the new Duke of Wellington which would continue for nearly a month …

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Regency Bicentennial:   First Cricket Match at Lord’s “New” Ground

This Sunday marks the two-hundredth anniversary of the first cricket match played at Lord’s brand new cricket ground in St. John’s Wood. However, this was not the first cricket ground established by Thomas Lord, or even the second. It was, in fact, the third venue on which Lord established a cricket ground which would bear his name. In Thomas Lord’s case, the third time was certainly the charm, since this third cricket ground is still in use, still bears Lord’s name and is considered, quite literally, "The Home of Cricket."

When Thomas Lord took his grass to St. John’s Wood …

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Regency Bicentennial:   Princess Charlotte First Sets Eyes on Prince Leopold

Exactly two hundred years and one day ago, Princess Charlotte saw Prince Leopold for the first time. They were not introduced, in fact they did not even speak to one another. Perhaps it was just as well. That evening, Charlotte was an engaged woman, having only the previous day signed the marriage contract which bound her to another man. In addition to which, she was currently infatuated with another young Prussian princeling. Nevertheless, within two years, the prince and the princess would be married to one another, and though only briefly, would enjoy their happily ever after.

The night the princess glimpsed her fairy tale prince …

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Regency Bicentennial:   Cochrane’s Trial for the Stock Exchange Fraud

Two hundred years ago, this Sunday, the dashing and daring Royal Navy flag captain, Lord Thomas Cochrane, the real-life model for both Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey, went on trial. He was accused of conspiracy in the Great Stock Exchange Fraud which had been perpetrated earlier that year. Unfortunately, Cochrane was also an out-spoken member of Parliament who had alienated a number of powerful men in government. The trial was a blatant travesty of justice which cost Britain the services of one of her most ingenious and successful naval captains for nearly twenty years.

The marathon trial of Captain Cochrane …

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